Our web-based dashboard lets you centralize the management of your elevator systems both with and without Q-Bold. This platform provides an overview of past and present status information for your systems as well as comprehensive statistics for all Q-Bolds and access to elevator-related documentation, such as inspection and maintenance reports. The features are organized into convenient user areas.

Advantages for operators

Benefit from comprehensive system transparency. All system data at a glance – one click only.
  • Web-based app offering a traffic light visualization of the status of your entire elevator portfolio
  • Overview of all documents
  • Alarm features in the event of a breakdown or system restoration
  • Documentation of inspections performed
  • Relative operation quality display
  • Simple API interfaces for the integration of your ERP system
  • Germany-based servers in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation
Basetronix Advantages for operators

Advantages for elevator companies

A direct line to your customers that simultaneously eases communication between you, the operator, and any potential maintenance partner.

Receive error information sooner for increased elevator availability and better performance for your customers.

  • Get the most out of your most precious resource – your technicians. A solution to the labor shortage. All problem areas at a glance.
  • A crucial element for dynamic elevator maintenance
  • An answer to your customers’ increasing demand for digital information
  • Transparency for increased customer loyalty in the purest form
  • Simple API interfaces for integration of ERP systems and automatic communication
Basetronix Vorteile für Aufzugsfirmen


A traffic light visualization of the state of your systems right from the web interface.
  • Convenient map view with colored pins: green (in operation), yellow (maintenance), red (defect)
  • Comfortable filter options for the status of all elevators on the overview map
  • Additional elevator details accessible directly via the map pins
  • Links to additional details for all displayed elevators
  • Optional account personalization: your logo in the user interface
Basetronix Dashboard

Elevator overview

The table view of your elevators provides a detailed visualization of current operating data.
  • Overview and transparency throughout the entire elevator portfolio
  • Real-time error and clearance notifications
  • All elevator documents at a glance
  • Faster information in the event of a breakdown
  • Crucial for dynamic elevator maintenance
  • Detailed view of individual elevators, including comprehensive operating statistics
  • Real-time documentation of elevator maintenance
Basetronix Dashboard elevator overview

User administration

Round-the-clock management of all user accounts – for your own employees or external partners.
  • Overview of available user accounts
  • Easily create new user accounts
  • Comprehensive permission management for all applications
  • Sorting and filtering features for quicker searches
Basetronix Dashboard user administration

Document management

Put an end to decentralized filing systems. Ensure consistent management of your elevators’ documentation today – one platform for everything.
  • Inspection and maintenance reports
  • Handbooks and user documentation
  • Easy handling thanks to predefined document categories
  • Further customized document categories possible
  • Optional uploads from external software possible via API
  • Convenient permission management – so employees see only what they are supposed to.
Basetronix Dashboard document management